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Waltzing on Borrowed Time

                      © Pete St John / Saint Music


When all the world was green and free

And Nature knew no fear

When oceans were our saving grace

And our rivers all ran clear

When forests were the air’s best friend

And virgin snows sublime

Before Man called a different tune

And we waltzed on borrowed time !!


Chorus :


We go waltzing, waltzing 

Waltzing on borrowed time

When will we learn to show concern

For our world on borrowed time ?


 In daily death rain forests fall

To world consumer greed

And green house gases violate

The ozone shield we need

Are fires and floods the climate change

They say has now begun

To be our grim sad legacy

For our children yet to come ?


Chorus: …..We go waltzing etc.


Across the world in every land

Let a new awareness grow

That nations must protect the Earth

As the seeds of Hope we sow

A hope, a dream, a way of life

When Man and Nature rhyme

And creatures of the Earth won’t need

To waltz on borrowed time !!


                                                          © Pete St John






                         The Plan


   Here is what I INVITE you to do with me !! .... OK ? .... It is no big deal really .... but the feel good factor is real .... and doing something positive in the face of an ongoing, sad and challenging Climate Change is always worth doing !! .... So here we go !!


    Simply listen to the 'Waltzing on Borrowed Time' song .... Relax and sing along with the simple chorus line.  The melody and tempo will ring true to you.  The urge to dance will slowly take hold of your soul.  The easy, laid back tempo will lure you into action as you begin to sing the chorus and Waltz for Mother Earth !! .... That's it in a nutshell !! .... Easy, isn't it !! .... be proud of Yourself !!


    And the rest of the Plan ? .... Go Public with me !! .... Here is what the Saint Music team will be doing !! .... and you and your friends can create a similar Public song and dance moment at one of your local favorite places or special landmark wherever you might be .... all in the name of Biodiversity !! .... The Saint Music team will gather, a small group of singers and waltzing friends, on the UNITED NATIONS Plaza for May 22nd 2014 Biodiversity Day .... our gathering place will be at the famous ARRIVAL sculpture, located on the North Gardens of the UN Plaza.  The sculpture depicts the Great Irish Famine times 1845-52 .... Why this sculpture location ? .... Because, during the terrible years of the Irish Potato famine's history, the ECOSYSTEM of Ireland was in chaos .... and that must never happen again !! .... so OUR TEAM WILL SING AND WALTZ AROUND THE LOCATION to honour and celebrate all the good things about trying to make the world's Ecosystem permanently safe for all time.


    We hope you can all join us in spirit around the world .... do your own Waltz for Mother Earth event in your own home place .... already many true and concerned nature lovers have been in touch to say they will be singing and waltzing with us in Ireland/U.K./ Australia/Canada/Spain/France .... and the list is growing !! .... Songs are magic carpets .... Come fly with us !!

 John Behan's ARRIVAL Sculpture

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